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Membership Payment Information

Before proceeding with completion of the membership form, you must determine the method of payment. How a membership is recorded depends upon the payment method.

ILAS prefers payment to be made by US$ check whenever possible. This saves ILAS money on credit card fees and bank charges.

Please review the options below.

US$ Check Credit Card
Any membership or donation in any amount can be paid by US$ check. Please select the button below to proceed. This method of payments is only for charges less than $300 USD. The membership and payment will be processed by Iowa State University.

This method is intended for overseas members paying dues.

Check or Bank Transfer Payment Method
Credit Card Payment Method


Direct Wire Transfer Fee Waive Membership
This method should be used only for payments of $300 or more when a US$ check cannot be used. A membership fee waiver is available to students, post doctoral fellows and individuals with financial hardship.
Direct Wire Transfer Payment Method
Fee Waive Membership