Executive Board:

President - Peter Semrl
(username is peter.semrl and domain name is fmf.uni-lj.si)

Vice-President - Hugo J. Woerdeman
(username is hugo and domain name is math.drexel.edu)

Second Vice-President (for ILAS Conferneces) - Stephen Kirkland
(username is Stephen.Kirkland and domain name is umanitoba.ca)

Secretary/Treasurer - Leslie Hogben
(username is ILASsecretarytreasurer and domain name is gmail.com )

Outreach Director --

Manager of ILAS-NET and ILAS Information Center (IIC) -- Sarah Carnochan Naqvi
(username is ilasic and domain name is uregina.ca)

To send someone above an email address it to:
username@domain name