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ILAS-Net Archive 2018

2018 January 09                                     ILAS-NET Message No. 2186
SUBJECT: WCLAM Second Announcement

Second  Announcement
Western Canada Linear Algebra Meeting
May 26-27, 2018
Washington State University, Pullman, WA, USA

The Western Canada Linear Algebra Meeting (WCLAM) provides an opportunity
for mathematicians in western Canada and US working in linear algebra and 
related fields to meet, present accounts of their recent research, and to 
have informal discussions. While the meeting has a regional base, it also 
attracts people from outside the geographical area. This is the first time 
WCLAM will be held outside of Canada. Participation is open to anyone who 
is interested in attending or speaking at the meeting.

Please visit and bookmark the WCLAM 2018 website for updated information 
on registration (by April 15), support for students and post-docs 
(first-come-first-served), as well as accommodation options: 

2018 January 08                                     ILAS-NET Message No. 2185
SUBJECT: ILAS Lectures at Non-ILAS Conferences and a General Support of Non-ILAS Conferences

As part of ILAS's commitment to supporting activities in Linear Algebra, the 
Society maintains a program of providing some support to non-ILAS conferences. 
This support may take one of two forms (a conference may apply for only one of 
these two forms).

ILAS Lectureships at non-ILAS conferences. It is expected that ILAS lecturers 
will be of the stature of plenary speakers at ILAS conferences, and may be 
supported by up to US$1000 for expenses, or in the case of a Hans Schneider 
Lecturer, US$1500. Reimbursement guidelines may be obtained from the 
Secretary/Treasurer Leslie Hogben.

General support of conferences of up to $750.  Such support could be used for 
support of student expenses, expenses for participants from developing 
countries, or plenary speakers. Refreshment costs are not eligible. You are 
welcome to consult the President Peter Semrl about what you may propose.

This is a reminder that there is a deadline of 30 September 2018 for receipt 
of proposals for sponsorship  of ILAS Lectures at non-ILAS meetings and for 
general support of conferences taking place in 2019. Please note that we will 
not be able to consider applications submitted after the deadline as it is 
important to rank all applications in one go. Each proposal is automatically 
assumed to be also a request for the ILAS endorsement of the conference.

Further details on the guidelines for proposals can be found at the following 

2018 January 01                                     ILAS-NET Message No. 2184
SUBJECT: New Year's Wishes from ELA

Dear ILAS Community,

On behalf of the ELA Editorial Board, we would like to thank you for your 
continued efforts to support the Electronic Journal of Linear Algebra.  Your 
willingness to serve as referees, provide thoughtful and timely reports in the 
midst of your busy schedules, and submit some of your work to ELA are much 

Wishing a happy, productive New Year, and looking forward to seeing some to 
the productivity result in submissions to ELA!

Michael Tsatsomeros and Bryan Shader
The Electronic Journal of Linear Algebra